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I wanted to update you on the budget process for this year.  On February 6th the budget advisory committee will begin meeting to discuss the options for next year.  This committee is comprised of the following members; Kelly Gallaher, Liz Reed, Greg Beall, Theresa Carlin, Joe Bomba, Pam Barber. Tim Green, Peter Oberacker, Shanna Ritton, Sue Binney, Miranda Morell, and Ray Misner.  This committee will advise the Board of Education on the best ways to balance the budget.  The 2nd meeting of this committee will be on March 6th.  All meetings start at 6:30. And anyone is welcome to attend.
Currently, we are anticipating a $500,000 budget deficit for next year, if expenses stay the same as in the current year.  Our fund balance is close to zero and can no longer be used as a revenue source.  Our only options are to cut expenses by $500,000 or raise taxes to account for the $500,000 or a combination of the two.  It will not be possible to balance the budget without one of these scenarios.  All areas in the budget are subject to possible cuts for next year.  I will keep you updated as we move through this process.  
Check back for additional updates.  
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