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Business Office
The Business Office at Schenevus Central School is responsible for payroll, purchasing and accounts payable. The district collaborates with the Cooperstown Central School District, which provides business office services for Schenevus at a cost savings to the district.
Business Administrator
Amy Kukenberger
Phone: 607.547.2595
Fax: 607.547.5100
Human Resources, Payroll
Brenda Hunt
Phone: 607.547.2595
Fax: 607.547.5100
Deputy Treasurer, Purchasing
Deb Geci
Phone: 607.638.5881
Tax Collector
April Neske
Phone: 607.638.5591
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Schenevus Central School District
159 Main Street, Schenevus, NY 12155
Phone 607 638 5881 | Fax 607 638 5600
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