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Superintendent's Message
April 2017
Last school year we began two very important school improvement initiatives that are the focus of our efforts in 2016-17. We are also working to expand on opportunities to enhance our educational program.

We adopted the Marzano comprehensive framework for instruction and corresponding teacher evaluation model which is based on decades of research, practice, and common sense, and holds that teaching is both an art and a science. Our teachers are continuing to emphasize research-based instructional strategies in their classrooms this year to enhance the creative teaching and individual student attention Schenevus has always been known for.

We received approval for our Smart Schools Investment Plan last year to take advantage of state funding supporting technology in schools. This fall everyone of our students and teachers will have access to the instructional technology that is so essential to a 21st century education. We are now working on another Smart School Investment Plan to meet the District's instructional technology goals. State approval and implementation of this second plan will take place during the 2017-18 school year. 

You will see in the 2016-17 District Program Guide that our students will have more robust opportunities for enrichment in and out of the classroom. We will also be working very hard to improve how we support students who struggle academically. Our aim continues to be to provide an individualized education as unique as each student.

We all share responsibility in educating our children; please call, email, or stop in if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Thomas G. Jennings, Superintendent
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Thomas Jennings
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