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Superintendent's Message
It is with great pleasure that I begin my duties as interim superintendent at Schenevus Central School.  I have had a long career in public school education and am honored to assist the District’s transition into an exciting future as it searches for a new superintendent. I have already had some time to meet with Mr. Jennings and the Board of Education.  I am impressed with how many wonderful programs Schenevus has to offer its students.  I feel confident that the district will be well positioned to enter into this next phase of leadership. 

School should be about learning, trying new things, and making positive personal relationships.  This summer, I look forward to meeting many faculty, staff, students and parents in the days and weeks leading up to the opening of the 2018-19 school year.  I welcome the chance to make connections and do my very best for the District.
Mike Virgil, Interim Superintendent
Mike Virgil
Interim Superintendent
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