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The Schenevus Transportation Department works to ensure that every student has a safe and enjoyable bus ride everyday to and from school. 

Please follow all bus safety rules.

New York State school bus drivers are highly trained professionals that transport students to and from school, sporting events, and educational field trips. They confront all kinds of obstacles like changing weather conditions, traffic, and other emergencies with skill and dedication to make sure that each and every student stays safe.
Bus Routes for 2016-17 School Year

Mrs. Biegel #89: Dog Hill Road, Sperry Hollow Road, Badeau Hill Road, and Valder Road.

Mr. Misner #92: Sections of Route 7, Stone House Road, Hubbard Hill Road, Stevens Road, Lake Road, Monitor Street and Race Street.

Mr.Carey #90: Sections of Route 7, Factory Street, Loft Road, County Highway 42, Axtell Road, Tannery Street, and Main Street.

Mr.Loehr #94: Iron Kettle Road, Burroughs Road, County Highways 41 &56, Center Road, Ridge Road, Conner Road, Smokey Avenue, and Gohan Road.

Mr. Ferris #93: Maple Valley Road, Charlie Burton Road, Williams Road, County Highway 36A and sections of County Highway 34.

Mrs.Chase #87: Middlefield Road, Strong Hill Road, Pearsall Road, County Highway 36, Skellie Road, Draper Hill Road, Greenbush Road and sections of County Highway 34.

Mr Hanson #95: Short Crumhorn Road, Factory Street, Arch Street and Monitor Street.
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Joe Kukenberger
Director of Transportation 
[email protected]
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