Week of July 7
Andrew Mancini Associates continued demolition of bathrooms, and removal of windows. New windows were installed in the 1986 wing classrooms, and in Room 201. The painting crew began refinishing wood trim from the library. Ceiling grid was installed in Rooms 120 and 122, and in part of the basement hall.

DiGesare continued with temperature control wiring, and began installing controls. Steam trap and hot water valve
replacement continued.

Nelcorp continued installing light fixtures, occupancy sensors and exit lights, and completed running conduit on the roof for exterior lighting. Work began to replace light poles in the courtyard.

Tri-Valley removed old piping in the old bathrooms, and began replacing valves for the water supply to the bathrooms.

Mid-Atlantic completed asbestos removal in the library area and received final air clearance. Tile was removed from Rooms 223 and 205, and air tests were taken. Window removal was started, and Rooms 201, 203, 199, 117 and B04 were completed.
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