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Lead Testing
Recent legislation requires public schools in New York to test for lead in all water outlets that could be used for drinking or cooking.

Tests conducted in September identified nine outlets with lead levels above the state action level of 15 parts per billion. The affected outlets were immediately taken out of service, and additional testing was conducted to determine the source of the lead.

With guidance from the Safety/Risk Management office at Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES, the district has taken steps to replace and/or remove all affected outlets. A detailed remediation plan can be found under the Documents heading to the right, along with more information about lead and lead testing.

Lead-Free Buildings
Lead-free, as defined by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, is based on the lead content of plumbing materials. Federal laws enacted in 1986, and updated in 2011, limit the amount of lead that can be used in new plumbing and fixtures. A building can be deemed lead-free if it was built after Jan. 4, 2014, or a New York State licensed Professional Engineer or Architect certifies it to be lead-free. Under New York’s new law, school districts are not required to conduct water testing in buildings designated as lead-free. Schenevus Central School District has no buildings designated as lead-free, as defined by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. 
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