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Our Mission
Mission & Guiding Principles

District Mission Statement
With our children as our focus, and with accountability and honesty as our guiding principles, Schenevus Central School will provide a caring, stable, secure and academically challenging environment; one that motivates each student to discover, practice and master the skills to pursue a productive lifetime of work and learning within our community, and the world.

Board of Education Guiding Principles
All students can learn and it is our responsibility to provide students with a quality education that challenges and enables them to achieve to their full growth potential.

Every student has a right to an environment that is emotionally nurturing, physically safe and intellectually stimulating. 

Current technology needs to be effectively integrated into all curriculum areas in order to provide students with the skills to successfully communicate and compete in a continually evolving digital society. 

Innovation must be encouraged at all levels of our organization. 

Student success is the shared responsibility of all students, parents, staff and the greater community. 

We will strive to be an inclusive learning community. 

An evolving, forward-looking, fiscally responsible school district is critical for long-term success and community confidence.

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