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Physical Exams and Screenings
Physical examinations
The New York State Department of Education requires physical examinations for:
• New students to the school district
• Entering pre-k or kindergarten
• Entering second, fourth, seventh and 10th grades
• To obtain a work permit
• To participate in sports (a health history form is also required)
Exams must be current within 12 months of being submitted:

Hearing and vision screenings

Students entering pre-K, kindergarten, first, third, fifth, seventh and 10th grades, and any students who are new to the district, are screened for hearing and vision problems. Second-grade students receive vision screenings only. Whenever a student is tested and found to not meet minimal standards, a referral will be mailed to the parents.

Scoliosis screenings
Scoliosis screenings are done for grades 5-9 by the nurse if it has not been done by the student’s health care provider. Positive results will be notified in writing and by phone.

Body Mass Index survey

Each year, schools are selected in New York state to participate in a BMI survey. The BMI or Body Mass Index is a percentage of your height and weight. These are calculated by your child’s primary child physician during your child’s physical exam. These calculations are then input in the computer and send to the New York state. Forms will be sent home when our school has been selected to notify parents. Parents may opt out by returning the forms back to the school.
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