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SCSD Educational Plan
2017-18 Educational Plan
What is the Schenevus Central School District Educational Plan?
The Schenevus Central School District Educational Plan is developed annually to formulate, implement, and evaluate programs, policies, and procedures that improve conditions for learning in our school.

The SCSD Educational Plan and planning process help keep us working together and focused on the “right work”. This process approaches school improvement in an open and systematic way and encourages participation from the whole school community. 
Educational Plan Process
The Board of Education started the process by reviewing its core beliefs and establishing district goals and priorities. Each of this year's goals are intended to help the district move forward and improve outcomes for our students. The district's key goals for 2017-18 are to continue implementation of the Marzano comprehensive framework for instruction; to promote effective use of instructional technology; to improve how we collect and respond to achievement data; and to improve our work with standards, targets, and success criteria. 
Advisory committees with representation from administration, staff, students, and parents then conduct the work of developing the plan. They review district goals, study relevant district data and educational research, and identify ideas and action steps to improve our school.

What is the parent role in the Plan?
Parents can help support the SCSD Educational Plan by taking the annual Parent Survey. Participating in the survey gives the advisory committees and the Board of Education important feedback to improve our programs, policies, and procedures. Also, if you would like to participate on an advisory committee please contact the Superintendent's office.
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