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Staff Handbook
NOTE: This handbook is subject to review and revision; comments and recommendations from staff members are welcome. All staff members are to become familiar with the material contained in this handbook.


Students who are injured should be brought immediately to the Nurse’s Office where first aid may be administered. Call the Nurse to come for serious injuries (do not attempt to move the student). Students involved in an accident, with no apparent injuries, should still be sent to the Nurse’s Office to be checked. Should further treatment be necessary, the school nurse will contact the parent or guardian and the student will be brought to the health center or to a local hospital.


Whenever an injury occurs, whether to a staff member or a student, an accident form must be completed. These forms will be completed by the Superintendent’s Secretary.


All Elementary teachers are required to take daily attendance using E School Plus. Secondary level teachers must take attendance at the beginning of each period using E School Plus. Students leaving the room for any reason must sign out and be issued a pass. Students should not be dismissed early from class.


Teachers are to be in their homerooms or other assigned duty by 8:10 a.m. Students should be supervised at all times. Teachers may leave at 2:55 (once the buses have left). Teachers leaving the building during the day must sign out in the main office and back in upon returning. When leaving, teachers should close windows, adjust shades and lock doors.


See Related Policies


The Board of Education is the officially designated body, which oversees the operation of the school district. Its main function is to assure that the Education Laws of the State of New York are being carried out. In that capacity, it hires the Superintendent of Schools who is then responsible for carrying out the policies of the Board, the State Education Laws and the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. By Law, the Board can only act officially as a body during an officially scheduled meeting. Board members as individuals do not have the power to determine policy or conduct business. Staff members may address questions to the Board by mail. Also, opportunities are provided to bring matters to the attention of the Board at its regularly scheduled meetings. Personnel matters related to the medical, financial, credit or employment history of a particular person or matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person are discussed in executive session.


The bulletin boards are for displaying student art and academic work. In order to follow fire codes, displays must not be within 2 feet of the ceiling or 10 feet of exits. They must not exceed 20% of the wall surface. Nothing should be on the door unless sprayed with a flame retardant.


Elementary teachers (Pre-K - 6) are expected to accompany their students to the exits at the end of the school day at approximately 2:50 p.m. Children should not exit until all buses have arrived and are parked. In general, Grades PreK-1 exit by the gym; Grades 2-4 exit by Room 101 and Grades 5-12 use a variety of exits. Grades 7-12 are released at 2:55 p.m., which is the end of last period. The Elementary teachers lead their students to the exit and walk outside until all of their students have been dismissed safely. Elementary classes will leave before the Middle and High School students are dismissed to avoid crowding in the hallways. If the buses are delayed for some reason, then Middle and High School classes will be asked to wait before leaving their last period class. This announcement will be made on the public address system. Once students leave the building, they are to walk to buses. Teachers are asked to remind students of this.


Schenevus Central School is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment. All forms of bullying, including cyberbullying, are unacceptable and, to the extent such actions are disruptive to the educational process, offenders shall be subject to appropriate staff intervention and administrative discipline. It is the responsibility of students, parents, teachers, and administration to create an environment free from bullying and harassment and safe for learning. Successful intervention requires us to recognize that there are three distinct roles in bullying, each with varying levels of participation: the victim, the bully, and the bystander. Please do your part in preventing bullying at Schenevus Central School and help others to understand the problem and their role in preventing it. See BOE Policies 3160 (Anti-Harassment), 7570 (Bullying), and 7571 (Hazing) in Appendix.


The cafeteria will make bag lunches for class trips. Advance notice is appreciated. There is a form available for this purpose. Only cafeteria staff is permitted behind the counter (by order of the health inspector). Government food may be used in conjunction with classroom food projects. No supplies, food, etc. will be taken from the cafeteria without authorization.


See Personal Electronic Devices section in the Code of Conduct


Teachers are mandated by law to report suspected abuse and neglect of children to the State Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment. Mandated Reporters must call 1 800 635 1522.


Classroom care should be extended to all areas of the building. Each staff member is expected to accept their part of the total responsibility for a neat and orderly building.


The school district may schedule up to four conference days during the school year for the purpose of assisting professional growth through workshops or other meetings. These may occur on the days before the first day of classes in September, during the month of October and in the spring. Attendance is mandatory for all teachers. Licensed Teaching Assistants and Teacher Aides are also required to attend.


Staff members are encouraged to attend conferences and workshops for the purpose of professional improvement. Conference forms are available in the main office and must be signed by the Principal. Approval is contingent on available funding and the pertinence of the workshop or conference to the individual’s field of study.


Terms and conditions of employment are determined by contract between the Superintendent and the Schenevus United Teachers or between the Superintendent and the Civil Service Employees’ Association. Reference should be made regularly to these documents to clarify matters, which may arise with regard to working conditions.


In accordance with the Dignity for All Students Act, School District policy and practice must ensure that no student is subject to discrimination or harassment, based on a person's actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender/gender identity or sex by school employees or students on school property, on a school bus, or at a school function. See BOE Policy 7550 (Dignity for All Students Act) and Code of Conduct Coordinators- Melissa Leonard and Thomas Jennings


Student Discipline – Discipline Referral Forms are located in the Main Office and on the website. Teachers who write a referral must contact parents to discuss the incident. Lunch detentions may be assigned by faculty, lunch aides, and recess aides. Use the form to record the infraction and inform administration. It is the teacher’s responsibility to tell the student the date of their lunch detention and the reason they have been assigned. They must also inform the Principal.


See Code of Conduct Faculty and staff also need to follow the student dress code.


Contact the School Nurse if symptoms of drug use in a student are apparent.


Student trips of an educational nature are encouraged. Approval must be obtained in advance from administration and transportation arrangements approved by the Director of Transportation. K-6 student to chaperone ratio should be 6:1 and 7- 12 student to chaperone ratio should be 10:1. The teacher who initiates the field trip has primary responsibility for supervising the students. Check with self-contained special education classroom teachers to determine if it would be appropriate for any of their students to participate. When planning such trips, teachers must be sure that the bus returns to the school in time for students to board their regular afternoon buses, which leave at 3:00 pm. While the District encourages students to remain with the school for the entire trip, instances may occur where parents want to transport their children home. Parents may only transport their own children. The parent must sign their child out noting child’s name, time leaving and parent signature.


Individual files for employees are maintained in the Superintendent’s Office. A staff member may examine his/her file after making a request to an administrator.


Teachers and professional staff members may examine individual student files for the purpose of developing better awareness of their students’ needs. These files are in the Student Center and may not be removed from that office.


By law, the school must conduct fire drills during the school year. When the alarm goes off, teachers are to direct pupils to the proper exit (which is indicated on signs in each room). Take your class list and sign-out log with you so that you may take attendance once you are assembled out of the building.
Teachers are requested to maintain the following rules:
● Move quickly to the assigned exit.
● Close the door and windows of the classroom as you leave.
● Do not permit talking during the drill.
● Bring attendance list with you, take attendance and if you are missing a child, notify the person checking for missing children. (This person will have a two- way radio.) Occasionally, exiting patterns may be modified. In these cases, follow the directions of the administrator in charge.


Primary responsibility for school emergency health services rests with the school health services staff. However, in an emergency, prompt action must be taken. The first person on the scene should be prepared to act responsibly and to provide appropriate first aid. This is particularly true when a life is in danger. Therefore, all school authorities and employees must be considered as being obligated to render first aid as needed by the victim(s). (State Ed. Bulletin)


In support of the Schenevus Central School’s policy on grading, the following administrative regulations will apply for marks given in Grades 6-12:
1. Basis for arriving at a grade
a. student’s participation in class
b. homework, assignments completed
c. results from daily and/or weekly examinations and/or quizzes
d. unit or multi-unit tests
e. semester and final exams
f. a student who earns a grade below a 50 in one of the first three quarters can receive a circle 50. The circle 50 can be used once per course
2. Weighting system
a. With the varying nature of classes, the teacher will be responsible for developing the grading system for his/her class using the criteria listed in 1 above.
3. Student’s responsibilities
a. attend class daily - prepared for active participation
b. responsible for note taking, notebook maintenance, careful handling of textbooks and supplemental materials
c. completing necessary homework assignments in a timely fashion
d. completing all project work assigned by the teacher during the semester and/or year
e. appropriate class conduct
f. make-up any work missed due to school absence
4. Teacher’s responsibilities
a. maintain a grade book which is reflective of all students’ work (as a reasonable measure, teachers should have at least one grade per week for each student in the grade book)
b. providing for daily instruction which assists the student in achieving program goals
c. the grading of all projects, tests, etc., should be returned to students within a reasonable period of time. Example: If a unit test were given on Wednesday, it would be reasonable that the following Monday the students would have that for review. Daily and weekly quizzes should be returned before another quiz is given. Teachers are encouraged to check student notebooks quarterly. Students should be reminded in advance of upcoming quizzes/tests and should know what topics/concepts to study.
d. communicate with students and their parents regularly about the student’s growth and achievement.
e. recording report card grades, following guidelines from the Student Center, at the completion of the second quarter.


Graduate courses for which reimbursement will be requested (as per provisions of the current contract with the Schenevus United Teachers) must be approved in advance by the Superintendent. Forms for this purpose may be obtained in the main office.


Middle School and High School teachers are requested to be in the doorway of their rooms during the three-minute break between classes.
Students are not to wear hats in school. Students must not abuse the lockers.


● A very minor illness or injury – send the child to the Nurse’s Office.
● A more serious injury, dizziness or a feeling of faintness, send someone with the child to the Nurse’s Office.
● A back or neck injury or if you suspect a bad sprain or broken bone, send for the nurse to come to you.
● If you are unsure, call the nurse


The Schenevus Central School District, as a matter of policy, does not promote the idea of Independent Study because of the difficulty in logistics. The District will consider this instruction option but only as a last resort with a very carefully designed plan.


Student lockers are the property of the district. Student lockers are to be kept neat and orderly and should be kept locked at all times. School administrators have the right to inspect lockers.


Because ongoing communication is so important for the smooth running of our school, teachers should check their mailboxes in the main office and their school email at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Students should not be sent to the office to get mail for teachers.


General faculty meetings are held on the first Monday of each month during the school year at 3:00 p.m. in the cafetorium. Attendance is mandatory. There may be a separate Elementary, Middle School or High School meeting after the general session is completed. If you are unable to attend the meeting,please notify administration and make arrangements for a colleague to collect handouts/info from the meeting. Mandatory 30-minute PLC meetings will be scheduled during the 60-minute faculty lunch blocks at least once in each six day cycle.


Conferences between parents and teachers are scheduled during November for all Elementary and Middle School students. This provides an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s progress with teachers. These conferences usually occur the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Parent/Teacher conferences are also scheduled by parent or teacher requests.


Schenevus Central School does not accept parent requests for teachers. However, parents should be encouraged to set up a meeting with Mr. Wendel if they would like to discuss their child’s progress and instructional program.


Students who are sent from one location to another should be issued a pass. A daily sign-out/sign-in log for all classes must be kept.


Staff members may choose to be paid on a 10 or 12 month basis. This determination is made at the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of the period of employment. Once the basis of payment has been established, no changes will be permitted during the school year. Paychecks are issued every two weeks. They are available on Fridays of the scheduled pay dates. Questions with regard to paychecks should be referred to the Superintendent’s Office.


Recess at Schenevus Central School will be welcoming, safe and fun; a time when cooperation, fair play, respect, and friendship is nurtured and expected.

Recess Rules

o Be kind and respectful to your classmates, the adults in charge, and yourself
o We do not bully, harass, push or hit at Schenevus Central School
o Use appropriate language
o Use all recess equipment appropriately
o Wear appropriate clothing – recess is outside unless the temperature or wind chill falls below 20 degrees
o Get permission if you need to leave recess
o Tell an adult in charge if you are having a problem with another student

Recess Consequences

Short-Term Recess Time-Out:
o Assigned by Aides
o 5 to 30 minutes in duration
o Students sit out from play

Long-Term Recess Time-Out:
Assigned by Aides
o 1-2 days in duration
o Students sit out from play
o Teacher notified
o Parent Notified

Recess Detention :
o Assigned by Classroom Teacher or Principal
o 1-5 days in duration
o Students report to the Main Office
o Parent notified


Secondary-level teachers are required to submit student interim progress reports at approximately five week intervals for all students. These reports will be sent to the parent or guardian in order to alert them to any problems and to provide an opportunity for correcting difficulties in advance of the issuance of the regular report cards. Students failing one or more subjects will be placed on the Academic Restriction List which will impact study halls and extra-curricular activities. See Extra-Curricular Activity Academic Eligibility Policy.


A purchase order is required before purchasing any items. You must submit a requisition form online for approval and processing. The district will not make reimbursement for anything which has not received prior approval through a purchase order.


Dances and recreation nights are sponsored by classes and clubs for the purpose of providing recreational activities for students. The following rules will be maintained:
1. The hours will normally be from 7:00-9:00 p.m.
2. Dances and recreation nights will be organized so that they are age appropriate. Generally speaking, elementary, middle school and high school students will not attend the same events.
3. Only Schenevus Central School students will be in attendance (with the exception of the Prom, Super Dance and community dances).
4. There will be a minimum of four chaperones: parents, advisor(s), and the administrator on call. The names of the parent chaperones must be confirmed by the end of school three days prior to activities.
5. All cars must be parked in school parking lots.
6. Scheduling for activities will be by class rank. Seniors will get first choice with the other classes following in order.
7. Parents of disruptive students will be contacted by phone and asked to pick their children up at school. These students will then be banned from these activities for the next ten (10) school weeks.
8. The school reserves the right to prevent anyone from entering who may appear under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
9. Students leaving these activities may not re-enter. Students will not be allowed into these activities after 8:00 p.m. without the administrator’s approval.
10. Students attending an activity must be in attendance during the day of the activity.(Advisors/Chaperones should obtain an Absentee List prior to the event.
11. All students must sign out with the time noted.
12. All provisions of the Code of Conduct will be enforced


Requests for minor repairs of classrooms, furniture or equipment should be addressed to the Superintendent of Building and Grounds.


Changes in student schedules (Grades 7-12) must be approved by the Director of Guidance and by the teacher. Changes will be approved only when they are in the best interest of the student as determined by consultation between school staff, parent, and student.


Class schedules are arranged after a consideration of diploma requirements and the individual needs of the student. In the spring, students are given the opportunity to select major courses and electives for the fall term.


The Middle School and High School period schedule for the 2016-2017 school year is as follows:
8:00-8:05: Buses arrive
8:06: Warning Bell - all MS/HS students start for lockers
8:10-8:53: Period A - All Elementary students report to class
8:56-9:36: Period B
9:39-10:19: Period C
10:22-11:02: Period D
11:05-11:45: Period E
11:48-12:28: Period F
12:30-1:00: Period G
1:00-1:30: Period H
1:32-2:12: Period I
2:15-2:55: Period J

2 Hour Delay

10:06: Warning Bell
10:10-10:19: Homeroom/Period A
After period A - resume regular schedule - go to Period D classes


See BOE Policies 7531 (Sexual Harassment of Students), 6121 (Sexual Harassment of District Personnel), and BOE Regulation 6121R in Related Policies.


Smoking is prohibited on school grounds, which means any building, structure, vehicle used to transport children or school personnel, and surrounding outdoor grounds.


In the event that the opening of school is delayed or cancelled because of bad weather, staff members will be contacted by telephone (via the automated message system). At the same time, school closing information will be broadcast on radio and television stations. On some occasions, a closing follows a two-hour delay.


Grades K-6 are scheduled for classes in music, art, library and gym with teacher specialists in those subject areas. The regular classroom teacher, in these cases, is expected to accompany the students to these classes but is excused to work on planning after the students have been received. Teachers must pick up their class on time at the end of the period. Students should not bring any items or materials with them unless specifically requested by the special area teacher.


The Board of Education requires that all School District employees maintain a professional, ethical relationship with District students that is conducive to an effective, safe learning environment: and that staff members act as role models for students at all times, whether on or off school property and both during and outside of school hours. Staff must establish appropriate personal boundaries with students and not engage in any behavior that could reasonably lead to even the appearance of impropriety. Any employee having knowledge of or reasonable suspicion that another employee may have engaged in inappropriate conduct with a student that may constitute child abuse (specifically, child abuse in an educational setting) must also report the allegation to their supervisor. If a student initiates inappropriate behavior toward a staff member, that employee shall document the incident and report it to his/her supervisor. See BOE Policy 6180 in Related Policies


All students are expected to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to dress appropriately for school and school functions. Students and their parents have the primary responsibility for acceptable student dress and appearance. Teachers and all other district personnel should reinforce acceptable student dress and help students develop an understanding of appropriate appearance in the school setting.


1. The study hall is to be used to accomplish quiet academic work. A quiet atmosphere must be maintained.
2. Students are expected to bring books and all other materials for individual academic work with them to the study hall. Students may be denied permission to return to their lockers for additional materials.
3. Students may leave study hall with a pass.
4. Students on the Academic Restriction List must stay in study hall unless they have pre-signed passes from teachers for specific academic work (see Extra Curricular Activity Academic Eligibility Policy in Appendix).
5. Honor Society members may leave study halls without passes, but they must sign in and out on the Daily Sign-out Sheet.
6. High School students may visit the cafeteria for a snack during study hall periods A-F provided they have permission from their study hall teacher and that they eat in the cafeteria. Students must return to their study hall when they are finished eating.
7. When possible, students should take every opportunity to meet during this time with teachers of courses in which they are having difficulty.
8. Only students with pre-signed passes should sign-out to go to the library.


Please leave thorough plans including:
● Daily routine, schedule for the day
● Attendance sheet
● Lesson plans and any side notes about the lessons for the day.
● What to do it they finish the plan for the day and have extra time.
● How to operate equipment, find materials, and who to ask for help.
● Alert to any behavior problems.
● Location of emergency procedures information.


Incoming telephone calls to staff members during the school day will be sent to their voice-mail. If the teacher is not assigned to a class when the call is received, every effort will be made to contact him/her immediately. Only in cases of emergency will teachers be called from the classroom to take a call. In such cases, arrangements will be made for someone to cover that teacher’s assignment in order that no student group is left unsupervised.


Staff members may use the phone in their room for all local calls, whether of a business or personal nature. Long distance calls related to school business may be made in the Faculty Room. Personal long distance calls must be billed to one’s personal number. Teachers should not use their cell phones in front of students.


Textbooks and other supplies are loaned to students by Schenevus Central School. Students are expected to return all loaned material at the end of the course. Classroom teachers are to record loaned textbooks by number and record the condition of the book. Students are responsible for the care of the books and will pay for lost or damaged books. Teachers should encourage their students to cover all books.


Any staff member who anticipates using their own vehicle for school business (conferences, meetings, etc.) must annually file a valid certificate of insurance at the Superintendent’s Office. Neither self-transportation nor mileage will be approved unless a certificate is on file.


Individual student social visitations to or from other schools are not permitted.


All visitors are to sign in and obtain a Visitor’s Badge at the Main Office. Permission to visit school will not normally be given to preschool or school age children. Please inform the office if you are expecting visitors. The office will call when the visitor arrives. Please inform the Superintendent or Principal if parents or visitors to the building fail to follow procedures.


Applications must be approved by Administration.
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