March 9 Board of Education presentation

Schenevus Central School District Superintendent Theresa Carlin gave a presentation at the March 9 meeting of the Schenevus Central School Board of Education highlighting the findings of the merger study report prepared by consultations Castallo & Silky LLC with support from the Merger Study Committee. 

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Highlights from the presentation included:

Statement of Shared Values

  1. To demonstrate the value and importance of encouraging collective school governance among all stakeholders of the enlarged school district, increase Board of Education membership from 5 to 7 members.  It is understood that this will be a means to encourage broad-based participation but cannot guarantee the same.  Upon a successful annexation vote, the Worcester Board of Education will initiate a vote to request an increase in the size of the BOE from 5 to 7 members. Should this be successful and as soon as practicable, a a special election will be held to seat the additional BOE members.
  2. As we value a 21st century education for our students, a successful merger vote will provide resources to enhance student learning opportunities.  A merger will also provide an opportunity to realize efficiencies. Therefore, in an effort to accomplish each of these outcomes, the BOE will discuss and determine the most appropriate way maximize the additional merger aid to:
    1. expand and enhance the academic program and educational opportunities   offered to students;
    2. assess the means to aid taxpayers;
    3. provide funds to a reserve to address unforeseen issues that may arise, as well as maintaining the initiatives stated above.
  3. The BOE understands the value to keep both school buildings open.  It is understood that the Schenevus school building will be needed for educational programming in the foreseeable future. Therefore, provide the means for the Schenevus school and community to name the Schenevus school building to reflect the role it will play educating students.
  4. All employees are valued. As such, the BOE will discuss the means to provide employment for as many staff members as possible. Strategies, such as utilizing retirements and attrition will be used to accomplish this goal.

Annexation Study

  • Worcester is annexing Schenevus
  • Schenevus is dissolved and becomes part of the Worcester Central School District
  • Current Schenevus CSD residents will pay school taxes to the Worcester CSD. They can vote in any school budget, election, etc. They can also run for a seat on the school board.
  • When the schools combine through any type of merger, the assets and the debt of each district are combined and become the assets and debt of the merged district. Both Schenevus and Worcester residents are now an equal part of the Worcester School district.
  • Teaching personnel from Schenevus have job rights to vacancies in the merged district but do not have bumping rights, however statement of shared values all staff will remain.
  • Worcester board of education remains in place but, statement of shared values points to adding 2 new seats making it a 7-member board. Potential for 3 open seats for the 22-23 school year where all qualified voters in both districts have voting rights in the merged district to those seats as well as the approval of the budget. The May, 2022 budget and school board election will be voted on by residents in both districts.


District positions based on 2019-20 data

Instructional and Instructional Support Staff

Position Schenevus staff Worcester staff
Teacher 32 39
Teacher/Library Aide 12 7
Teaching Assistant 6 4
Nurse 1 1

Buildings & Grounds

Position Schenevus staff Worcester staff
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds 1 0
Building Maintenance Mechanic II 0 1
Building Maintenance Mechanic 0 1
Cleaner 2 4
Maintenance 1 0


Position Schenevus staff Worcester staff
Cook/Cafeteria Manager 1 1
Food Service Worker/Helper 2 4


Position Schenevus staff Worcester staff
Bus Driver 4 6
Head Bus Driver/Part Time 0 1
Bus Driver/Cleaner 2 0
Bus Driver/Mechanic 1 0
Bus Driver/Maintenance 2 0
Mechanic 0 1
Bus Monitor 0 2

Administrative/Supervisory Support

Position Schenevus staff Worcester staff
K-12 Principal/Director of Special Ed 1 0
Principal – Elementary 0 1
Principal – Secondary 0 1
Superintendent 1 1
Student Support Service Coordinator 0 1
Network Specialist/Tech Coordinator 1 0
Secretary 3 3
Treasurer 0 1
Treasurer, Deputy 1 0


Position Schenevus staff Worcester staff
All staff 74 81

Most staff are teachers, teacher aides, or teaching assistants.

Teacher Salary Schedules 2019-20

Assumes a Master’s Degre is achieved at 30 graduate hours and $46/credit hour. (   ) is the highest step in that column.

Step Schenevus staff Worcester staff
B-Step 1 41,160 38,658
B-Step 5 43,920 41,387
B-Step 10 47,343 43,940
B-Step 15 50,767 48,366
B-Step 20 54,254 53,424
B-Step 25 59,630 58,758
B-Top Step 77,253 (40) 58,758 (25)
M-Step 1 44,169 41,128
M-Step 5 47,207 43,857
M-Step 10 51,005 45,960
M-Step 15 54,883 50,836
M-Step 20 58,810 55,894
M-Step 25 64,116 61,228
M-Top Step 82,464 (40) 61,228 (25)
M+30 – Step 1 46,322 42,508
M+30 – Step 5 49,537 45,237
M+30 – Step 10 53,606 47,790
M+30 – Step 15 57,779 52,216
M+30 – Step 20 61,949 57,274
M+30 – Step 25 67,318 62,608
M+30 – Top Step 86,075 (40) 62,608 (25)

Schenevus teachers are paid more than Worcester teachers for the same seniority levels.

Average teacher salaries based on 19-20 staffing and salary data

Teacher payroll

  • Schenevus: 1,818,203
  • Worcester: 2,104,331

Number of teachers

  • Schenevus: 32
  • Worcester: 39

Average step*

  • Schenevus: 16.3
  • Worcester: 14.7*

*Step for 8 “off step” Worcester teachers determined by their start date with the district. 

Average teacher salary

  • Schenevus: 56,819
  • Worcester: 53,957

Average teacher salary: 55,247

Average teacher salary with 58% fringe benefits: 87,291

Cost to level up teacher salaries

  • 2019-20 Worcester payroll: $2,104,331
  • Payroll of 2019-20 Worcester teachers placed in Schenevus salary schedule: $2,229,865
  • Salary cost of leveling up Worcester teachers to Schenevus salary schedule: $125,535
  • Fringe benefits estimated at 35% (no insurance): $43,937
  • Total cost of salaries and benefits to level up teacher salaries: $169,472

The cost to level up teacher salaries is approximately $170,000.

Administrative/Supervisory Positions

Position Schenevus staff Worcester staff
Superintendent Y Y
Superintendent’s Secretary/District Clerk Y Y
Elementary Principal no Y
Secondary Principal no Y
K-12 Principal/Director of Special Education Y no
Student Support Service Coordinator no Y
Director of Transportation – P/T Y no
Head Bus Driver – P/T no Y
Director of Facilities – P/T Y no
Building Maintenance Mechanic II – P/T no Y
Cafeteria Manager Y Y
District Treasurer (0.25) Y
School Business Official (BOCES) no Y
Network Administrator no Y

Merger Mondays

  • February 8 – BOE Presidents shared their experience with the process
  • March 8 – Students from each district shared their views on merging
  • April 12- Representatives of other merged districts.  Unadilla Valley, Central Valley and Bouquet Valley
  • May 10
  • June 14

Guests will include:

  • NYS legislators
  • Merger Committee Members


January-June 2021

  • Listen and Inform. Really important that you reach out to let board of education members know your thoughts about merging.
  • Ask Questions??
  • Merger Mondays
  • Board of Education meetings at both schools to provide information about the study.
  • Financial Presentations and Budget projections are important to inform merger decision.

Upcoming Presentations

  • April 20: Schenevus BOE Meeting
  • April 14: Worcester BOE Meeting
  • Topic: Finance and Taxes