Board of Education Meeting, 10.15.19

Schenevus Central School District Board of Education

Minutes for the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education, Tuesday, October 15, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

Board President, Kelly Gallagher, called the Board of Education meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Members present: Kelly Gallagher, Stacie Haynes, Liz Reed, Tim Green

Members absent: Jay Deitchman

Also present: Theresa Carlin, Superintendent, Nicole Couse, District Clerk, Kimberly Matthews, Principal, Pamela McGovern, Director of Special Education, Greg Beall, District Treasurer, Deb Geci, Deputy Treasurer, Joan Nason, Community Member, Bev Barnett, Community Member, Mary Mulbury, Community Member, Jackie Gleason, Community Member, Maxine Reiff, SUT Co-President

Approve Minutes

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the September 17, 2019 Board of Education Meeting Minutes.

Motion: Tim Green; second, Stacie Haynes, vote 4-0


Joseph Heroux, from The Bonadio Group – External Auditor – presented the Finance Statement, Internal Controls and Extra Classroom Reports to the Board of Education. He gave a brief summary in addition to the required report of findings, and stated no changes except for our fiscal condition. These items will be posted on our website and available in the district office for public view.

Kimberly Matthews, Principal, reported on current events in the building:
Open House, October 10th, was nicely attended. Several parents visited classrooms. Ms. Matthews had a presentation for parents and then walked around to visit the classrooms and to introduce herself. Ms. Matthews and Ms. McGovern are visiting classrooms at random, twice each month, to see what activities are going on within the classroom and to provide positive and supportive feedback regarding students feeling valued as well as growing in their skills and knowledge.

During our first faculty meeting, we asked for feedback from the teachers on their needs. They were asked what made them feel valued, how and when they grew in skills and knowledge and what they need to be successful in the classroom. Lesson planning templates and reflection forms were distributed and reviewed. Administrators and teachers shared positive information on APPR observation requirements. Ms. Matthews is also coordinating a community night, tentatively scheduled for November 13th, on drug awareness and the impact of vaping.

Pam McGovern, Director of Special Education, provided an in-depth explanation of L.R.E. (Least Restrictive Environment) in an educational program. All Special Education students are first…General Education students…and must have access to a general education curriculum. She distributed information defining L.R.E., and the goals and steps a student achieves to move from a residential facility to a general education classroom…which is the main goal. Ms. McGovern also explained the Continuum of Services and Aide support that students may need to reach their final goals…to be successful, competitive and prepared for life after high school.

Greg Beall, Treasurer, presented the 2018-2019 Year-End Analysis powerpoint illustrating current and past information on:

  • What the District did to create a Fund Balance at the End Of Year 2018-19
  • Schenevus Central School District Total Fund Balance and Surplus for the General Fund
  • Schenevus Central School District Revenues and Expenditures for the General Fund
  • Schenevus Central School District Adopted Expenditure Budget Versus Actual Expenditures and other uses for the General Fund
  • Schenevus Central School District Fund Balance Composition for the General Fund
  • Schenevus CSD Analysis breakdown

This information is posted on our website for the public to view. Mr. Beall also distributed a breakdown of Reserve Fund Information from 2016 to the end of the 2018-2019 school years.

Theresa Carlin, Superintendent, expressed her appreciation to those she described as an amazing Board of Education. She presented each with a gift, including a Proclamation from Governor Cuomo, in recognition of their service during School Board Appreciation Month.

Ms. Carlin distributed a packet containing information she has received from the Group Trap Shoot program, from our school attorney, our district’s insurance carrier and Gilbertsville-Mt. Upton school district regarding the proposed activity. GMU currently has this program.

The district intends to appoint coaches, at appropriate levels, for the upcoming Basketball season at the November 12 Board of Ed. meeting. However, with the exception of a modified girls team, projected numbers of participants are low. We discussed combining teams with W.C.S., but they are no longer interested. Mr. Green expressed his concerns about Worcester’s unwillingness to merge sports teams.

On November 6th, Ms. Carlin will host a Forum on The Future of Schenevus, with assistance from Mr. Gregory’s Government Class. The purpose of the Forum is to explain the process of a merger study to members of the community. Participants include: NYS Senator James Seward; Assemblyman Brian Miller; Christine Coughlin and Joe Gilchrist from NYS Education Dept.; Superintendent Theresa Carlin, and Treasurer Greg Beall. In addition to posting this event on the school website and Facebook page, an ad has been placed in the Hometown ADvantage, and posters will be distributed to community organizations. Members of the Worcester community may attend, but not participate. There will also be a public Forum in December.

Ms. Carlin will attend a Foundation Aid Round Table discussion with the NYS Legislature. She will present a statement at the round table regarding the needs of our district and the impact that staff and program cuts, while meeting mandates, have on our educational program.

We are still struggling to find someone to replace the technology component of Harrison Boyle’s position. Deb McMullen said that she would step in as a substitute tech person one day a week. This will be for software needs, however it won’t help with the hardware needs. We are currently exploring options.

Public Comment

Joan Nason commented on the need for future meetings to have microphones. Community members have stated they do not attend as they have difficulty hearing. It is really important to get the public input and a better communication system.

Maxine Reiff, representing the Schenevus United Teachers, thanked the Board of Education members and presented each with a gift of sweets. She also wanted to make sure Board members were aware they could email teachers as part of an open communication on what it is like to be in the classroom. Teachers know their students and their needs and are not asking for aides because they want them, but because they are required. She expressed her appreciation to the members for all they do for our school.

Approve August 2019 Treasurer’s Reports

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the August 2019 Treasurer’s Report.

Motion: Tim Green; second, Liz Reed vote 4-0



Old Business


New Business

Business Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the following:

  1. Special Education program service recommendations from the Committee on Special Education.
  2. Accept the 2018-2019 Auditors Report from The Bonadio Group
  3. Resolved, that the Schenevus CSD Board of Education fund the Employee Benefit Accrued Liability Reserve pursuant to Section 6-p of the General Municipal Law, in the amount of $285,546, using funds from the Unappropriated Fund Balance.

Motion: Stacie Haynes; second, Tim Green, vote 4-0

Personnel Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the following:

  1. Appoint Donna Sehlhoff to the position of Substitute Nurse at the certified daily rate and Substitute Teachers Aide at the contractual hourly rate.
  2. Pending player numbers, approve the appointment to the appropriate levels of the following Coaches for the 2019-2020 Basketball Sports Season at the Nov. 12 BOE meeting:
    1. Les Burton
    2. George Nebesnik
    3. Francis Pickett
    4. Heather Henderson
    5. Dave Lampron
    6. Charity Burton – volunteer
  3. The superintendent recommends amending the tenure appointment of Karen Morosko to end in 2021 instead of the end date of 2020 as originally approved and seen in the minutes of August 23rd, 2017. The tenure appointment should have been reported as ending in 2021, based on the NYS tenure regulations that were amended in 2015.
  4. Accept the resignation of Stacey Sinstack from the position of Guidance Counselor as of November 1, 2019.
  5. Accept the amended resignation date for Harrison Boyle from the position of Building Maintenance Mechanic/Bus Driver as of November 8th, 2019.
  6. RESOLVED, that the Board of Education amend Superintendent Carlin’s contract as per agreed terms for an updated contract with an end date of June 30, 2024.
  7. Appoint Frank Wilcox to the position of Building Maintenance Mechanic/Bus Driver at the contractual rate starting on Friday, October 18, 2019 pending fingerprints.
  8. Appoint Margaret Maben to the position of Substitute Teacher at the non certified rate starting on 10/16/2019.

Motion: Stacie Haynes; second, Liz Reed, vote 4-0

Administrative Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the following:

  1. First reading of the 5000’s Policies

The Board agreed to table this item until the next meeting for further changes.

Tim Green made a motion at 8:30 p.m. to convene to executive session to discuss employment of personnel. Second, Stacie Haynes; vote 4-0.

The Board returned to regular session at 9:34 p.m.

Having no further business before the Board, Liz Reed made a motion to adjourn at 9:35 p.m. second, Stacie Haynes , vote 4-0.

Respectfully Submitted, Nicole Couse, District Clerk