Board of Education Meeting, 11.12.19

Schenevus Central School District Board of Education

Minutes for the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education, Tuesday, November 12, 2019 6:30 p.m.

Board President, Kelly Gallagher, called the Board of Education meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Members present: Kelly Gallagher, Stacie Haynes, Liz Reed, Jay Deitchman

Members absent: Tim Green

Also present: Theresa Carlin, Superintendent, Nicole Couse, District Clerk, Kimberly Matthews, Principal, Pamela McGovern, Director of Special Education, Greg Beall, District Treasurer, Deb Geci, Deputy Treasurer, Maxine Antunes Reiff, SUT Co-President, Joan Nason, Community Member, Bev Barnett, Community Member, Mary Mulbury, Community Member

Approve Minutes

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the October 15, 2019 Board of Education Meeting Minutes.

Motion: Stacie Haynes; second, Jay Deitchman, vote 4-0


Deb Geci, Deputy Treasurer, and Tom Hunt, Head Building Maintenance/Head Bus Driver, presented the projected 2020-2021 capital budget with assistance from Joe Bomba, former Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.

Continuing with our current cost-saving measures:

  • They are currently requesting cost quotes from all vendors to select the cheapest vendor.
  • Considering the purchase of a floor scrubber, at approximately $8,000, to replace the one in service for 14 years.
  • Currently the BOCES technology person is here for 1 day per week. Other BOCES Tech Services are available through BT BOCES. Although these services may be at a higher cost, they are under consideration to preserve the funding available.
  • Bringing back retired employees to keep costs down because the district will not need to supply health or dental coverage, or Social Security.
  • Joe Bomba comes in to assist Tommy Hunt 2 days per week
  • When Harrison Boyle resigned, it left 2 positions vacant positions.
  • What appears to be a large increase in the cost of fuel is the result of an error in a cost calculation in past years.
  • We currently share bus runs with Worcester.
  • To save on fuel costs, we use smaller vehicles for our Springbrook runs, quick trips and early trips to BOCES.
  • Our goal is to use more gasoline than diesel fuel. We had a drop in the cost of fuel to heat the buildings and our use of propane has also decreased.
  • We are charging for Building and Grounds usage only if it is an expense to the district.
  • We are selling old used items to get some kind of return on them.
  • As a source of revenue, we maintain BOCES vehicles and provide transportation for BOCES field trips.

Kimberly Matthews, Principal, announced that, in response to parents’ requests for more information, plans have been set for an evening program on Drug Awareness presented by the NYS Police and Bassett Healthcare. To facilitate more parent participation, child care will be provided and the Foundation has donated money to provide dinner.

Ms. Matthews also explained changes in our RTI program. The process includes completion of an identification referral form, indicating the student’s skill gaps. The classroom does tier-one work. If this is not successful, the student is referred to RTI for assistance…20 minute sessions daily, with a monthly review of data by the RTI committee.

Pam McGovern, Director of Special Education, reported on our special education student placements. We have one fewer students at BOCES and are currently looking for alternative placements. Springbrook is now at full capacity. A placement at Pathfinder Village would afford us the ability to share transportation costs with another district. We are also looking to fill an in-home placement. We have no part time students in our building at this time. We have accepted one student from a neighboring district, that does not offer the required program, into our special education program. We will receive tuition of $52,000 for the full year in addition to the cost of additional services.

Greg Beall, Treasurer, stated that the Board will need to accept the Audit Response which states nothing needs to be corrected and was found to be as it should.

At this time Dr. Kelly Gallagher, on behalf of the Board, congratulated Superintendent Carlin on completion of her first year as Superintendent of Schenevus CSD. She presented Ms. Carlin with some snacks and flowers. The members of the Board are very appreciative of Ms. Carlin’s continued support for the district.

Theresa Carlin, Superintendent, reported that the winter sports season begins this week. We currently have 14 varsity girls, and 16 modified girls. We are considering 2 modified teams; one for 7th graders and one for 8th graders. We now have 9 varsity boys, 7 junior varsity boys, and 7 modified boys.

Ms. Carlin discussed the roundtable she attended in Syracuse on New York State Foundation Aid. “We were the smallest fish in this very large pond.” Topics for discussion included special education issues, conflicts and discipline. Ms. Carlin explained that she was trying to make the point that although student numbers matter, there is always the cost of merely “opening the doors” and that those costs should be the base of the aide formula and should go up from there.

She will be presenting at another conference, in New York City, on December 3rd.

Ms. Carlin updated the Board on the Merger study. She is currently attempting to schedule an open meeting with the Worcester Board of Education on December 19 with both Boards going directly into executive session. We have a list of priorities to try to expedite the merger study process.

She announced that the Drama production, “Beauty and the Beast”, was amazing and was a great opportunity to see the benefit to students of a merged district.

We will soon be forming a committee to work on development of the 1920-21 school budget. The Board suggested we advertise this initiative to the community and to request that interested parties contact the District office and to email members of the community who expressed an interest in serving when they completed the survey form at the 2019-20 budget vote.

Ms. Matthews, Ms. McGovern and Superintendent Carlin met with middle school and high school students on some issues that were brought up by teachers and staff such as dress code, insubordination, the backpack issues, bandanas, and lockers issues.

Students in grades 6-8 were first to meet. Administrators reported that these students asked some pertinent questions. Students in grade 9 and 10 gave some pushback such as “you can’t search me” and “how do I get suspended?” The 11th grade meeting had to be rescheduled for Thursday because of time constraints. Current issues will be discussed with the 12th graders along with consequences resulting from continuation of issues of concern.

Ms. Carlin met with students in grades 6-11 to discuss the future of Schenevus Central School. She listed the different options. Students expressed their questions and concerns…many of which Ms. Carlin was able to address during the meeting. Students will soon be given an opportunity to express their opinions by completing a survey. It was suggested to have a committee of students speak with the Board on their feelings and what they would like to see happen as we move forward.

Ms. Carlin shared that some members of the community have expressed their concerns about the District charging for use of the school building if there is an expense to the District.

Public Comment

Joan Nason asked that if our District merged with the Worcester district is it assumed that students in K-6
would attend the Schenevus building while older students would attend the Worcester building. Ms. Carlin responded that this would be part of the merger study discussion. Ms. Nason said she agreed that the play was fantastic.

Approve September 2019 Treasurer’s Reports

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the September 2019 Treasurer’s Report.

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Liz Reed, vote 4-0


Operations & Finance

The Board reviewed the Student Account Report – September 2019

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

Business Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the following:

  1. Special education program service recommendations from the Committee on Special Education.
  2. Letter of intent for new bus purchases for the 2020-2021 school year. (signature)
    1. Two draft letters were presented for the Board to determine which letter to accept based on recommendation from the Transportation Department. The Board supported the option to have a luggage compartment as an addition.
  3. Tax refunds to Mr and Mrs. Stielhler in the amount of $521.00 and Mr. and Mrs. Beams in the amount of $531.00; both due to escrow adjustments causing an overpayment.
  4. Accept the 2018-2019 Audit Response

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Liz Reed, vote 4-0

Personnel Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the following:

  1. The following coaches to the appropriate Basketball Sports levels
    1. Les Burton – Girls Varsity
    2. Heather Henderson – Boys Varsity
    3. George Nebesnik – Boys Junior Varsity
    4. Dave Lampron – Modified Girls
    5. Francis Pickett – Modified Boys
    6. Shana Ritton – Volunteer (New approval)
  2. BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Education of the Schenevus Central School District hereby appoints and employs Terry Korba to a term position as a K-12 Guidance Counselor, for the period beginning November 4, 2019 and ending June 30, 2020.
  3. Appoint Pam McGovern to the position of Mentor to Terry Korba for the 2019-2020 school year at the contractual rate.
  4. Appoint Pam McGovern to the position of Mentor to Ashley Warren as of November 4, 2019 through the remainder of the 2020 school year, at the contractual rate.
  5. Approve a stipend for students to receive $30.00 per event for videotaping.
  6. Accept the resignation of Athena Frost from the position of Special Education Teacher effective December 12, 2019.

Motion: Stacie Haynes; second, Jay Deitchman, vote 4-0

Administrative Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the following:

  1. First reading of the 5000 Policies

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Stacie Haynes, vote 4-0

Motion was made by Kelly Gallagher to waive the second reading of the 5000 Policies; Second by Jay Deitchman, Vote 4-0

Stacie Haynes made a motion at 9:00 p.m. to convene to executive session to discuss employment of personnel. Second, Jay Deitchman; vote 4-0.

The Board returned to regular session at 11:45 p.m.

Having no further business before the Board, Liz Reed made a motion to adjourn at 11:46 p.m. second, Stacie Haynes , vote 4-0.

Respectfully submitted, Nicole Couse, District Clerk