July 13, 2021, Annual Organizational Meeting

Minutes for the Annual Organizational Meeting of the Board of Education Tuesday, July 13, 2021

6:30 p.m.

Board of Education District Clerk, Nicole Couse, called the Board of Education meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance

Members present: Liz Reed, Jay Deitchman, Tim Walke, Tom Snyder and Cory Spooner

Members absent: NONE

Also present:

  • Theresa Carlin, Superintendent
  • Greg Beall, Treasurer (virtual)
  • Nicole Couse, Board Clerk
  • Kimberly Matthews, Principal/Director of Special Education
  • Deb Geci, Deputy Treasurer
  • Dr. Catie Huber, ONC BOCES District Superintendent
  • Matt Gregory, SUT Co-President
  • Marie McCrea, SUT Co-President Kathleen Walke, Teacher
  • Shana Ritton, Teacher
  • Kelly Gallagher, Community Member
  • Marge French, Community Member
  • Kathi Fredette, Community Member

District Clerk Administered the Oath to newly elected Trustee, Cory Spooner


  1. Nomination for President
    1. Nomination for Tim Walke by Tom Snyder; passed 3-2
    2. Nomination for Jay Deitchman by Liz Reed 2-0
    3. The Oath was administered to Tim Walke, President of the Board of Education
  2. Nomination for Vice President
    1. Nomination for Tom Snyder by Tim Walke, passed 5-0
    2. The Oath was administered to Tom Snyder, Vice President of the Board of Education Meeting was now led by newly appointed President, Tim Walke


  1. Superintendent – Theresa Carlin
  2. District Clerk – Nicole Couse (ending August 6, 2021)
  3. Deputy Clerk – Theresa Carlin
  4. District Treasurer – Greg Beall per the Board Agreement
  5. Deputy Treasurer – Deb Geci

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Liz Reed, vote 5-0

The Oath was administered to the above appointments

  • Deputy Treasurer – Heather Gockel for BOCES
  • Tax Collector – April Neske, stipend – per contract
  • Internal Claims Auditor – Theresa Mellor

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Liz Reed, vote 5-0

The Oath will be administered to the Deputy Treasurer, Tax Collector and Internal Claims Auditor at a later date.


a.      Physician – AO Fox Memorial Hospital/Southeastern Otsego Health Center/Bassett Hospital

b.      Attorney – Hogan, Sarzynski, Lynch, Dewind & Gregory LLP & Girvin & Ferlazzo, PC

c.      Census Enumerator – (none for 20-21)

d.      Attendance Officer – Theresa Mellor and Jessica Barrett

e.      External Auditors – The Bonadio Group

f.       Records Management Officer – Nicole Couse

g.      Asbestos (LEA) Designee – Thomas Hunt

h.      Toxic Substance Administrator – Thomas Hunt

i.       Purchasing Agent – Theresa Carlin

j.       Appoint Collection Agency – Community Bank, N.A.

k.      Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Coordinator – Kimberly Matthews

l.       Data Privacy Officer – Theresa Carlin

m.    Authorize Superintendent to certify payrolls

n.      Petty Cash fund custodian – Nicole Couse

o.      Establish Petty Cash fund of $100 with District Clerk as custodian

i.       CSE & CPSE Committee:

  • Parent Member: TBD
  • Parent of Child: parent of the child
  • Regular Education Teacher: Rotating, must be teacher of the child or designee
  • Evaluator: (CPSE) Rotating, evaluator of initial referral, Springbrook or Otsego County
  • Special Education Teacher:
    • Tim Smith, CSE/CPSE
    • Monica Sheremeta, CSE/CPSE
    • Jayme Bentley CSE/CPSE
    • Sarah Mellor, CSE/CPSE
    • Diana Brady CSE/CPSE
  • Early Intervention Professional: Rotating, and only if child is classified prior to age 3
  • School District Representative: Kimberly Matthews
  • School Psychologist: Paige Martin CSE/CPSE/504
  • Chairperson: Kimberly Matthews CSE/CPSE/504
  • Chairperson: Theresa Carlin CSE/CPSE/504
  • Chairperson: Paige Martin
  • Municipality Representative: TBD

j.       Schenevus Intervention Team – Kimberly Matthews, Chair; RTI teacher, classroom teacher, counselor, and special education teacher

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Tom Snyder, vote 5-0


a)     Designation of Banks:

(1)  Community Bank, N.A.

(2)  General

(3)  Trust & Agency

(4)  Payroll

(5)  School Lunch Receipts

(6)  Federal Funds

b)     Designation of Banks for Deposit:

i)        Community Bank, N.A.

c)     Designation of Meeting Dates & Times (Approved on May 19th)

d)     Official Newspaper – The Daily Star

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Tom Snyder, vote 5-0


a.      Rate of Mileage – IRS Rate

b.      Attendance of Board of Education, Treasurer, Principal, Superintendent to attend National, State, County and Local conferences, workshops and institutes with expenses.

c.      As authorized by Superintendent: expenses of faculty and staff to attend conferences within budgetary allotments.

d.      Superintendent to apply for Grants in Aid

e.      Budget Transfers over $5,000 require Board of Education approval

f.       Authorization to establish a Petty Cash fund not to exceed $100

g.      Substitute daily rate

1.      Uncertified Teacher daily rate of $100.00 unless an increase of minimum wage exceeds amount.

2.      Certified Teacher daily rate of $115.00

3.      Non-Instructional substitute per CSEA Contract

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Liz Reed, vote 5-0


a.    $3,000,000 coverage for all staff per Policy Coverage (attached)

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Liz Reed, vote 5-0


a.      Reaffirm all Policies, Regulations and Code of Ethics in effect during the previous year

b.      Reaffirm Investment Policy

c.      Approve 12-month employee holiday schedule (attached)

d.      Approve the District’s continuation in the Breakfast, Lunch and Special Milk Programs for the 2021-2022 school year

e.      Board of Education 2021-2022 Committee Appointments Budget & Audit: full Board: Liz Reed, Chairperson Operations & Finance: Tom Snyder, Tim Walke Teaching & Learning: Liz Reed, Jay Deitchman Policy:          Tim Walke, Tom Snyder

Budget Advisory:  full Board; Tom Snyder, Chairperson Labor Management: Jay Deitchman, Cory Spooner

f.       Approve Professional Development Plan for 2021-2022 school year

Motion: Jay Deitchman; second, Tom Snyder, vote 5-0

At this time the Regular Board of Education Meeting will commence.