December 13, 2022 Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes



Minutes for Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Meeting

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 6:00 p.m.

Board President, Tom Snyder called the Board of Education meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Members present:  Tom Snyder, Tim Walke, Serenity Beardslee,

                                          Cory Spooner,                      Liz Reed

Also present: Theresa Carlin, Superintendent    Patti Hoyt, Principal

                              Erin Goodlander, Special Education Director

                            Stephanie Lincoln, Treasurer         Jody Carney, District Clerk

                              Rob Gates, IT                   Pete Iorizzo, School Business Official

                              Dr. Catie Huber, District Superintendent

                             Senior Class advisors and officers    Members of the Community


Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approved the November 15, 2022 Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes.

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education  approved the November 29, 2022 Special Board of Education Meeting Minutes.

MOTION: Tim Walke; 2nd: Liz Reed; vote 5-0


 Senior Trip: Senior Class officers shared with the Board where they will be going on their class trip, the itinerary and the anticipated cost. The Senior Class has voted to go to Lake Placid from June 15-17 and will be accompanied by advisors, Shana Ritton, Michelle Competiello.  Matt Gregory will be the administrator on the trip. 

Merger Revote update: Dr. Catie Huber shared that she had received a petition for a Merger Revote signed by members of the Schenevus Community. She sent the petition to the State and it has been verified and accepted. Dr. Catie Huber wanted to address the Board with an update of “What we Know” as of December 13, 2022. 

  • Petition was received by Dr. Catie Huber on December 2, 2022. Which was 1 year and 1 day from the last merger vote
  • Only Schenevus Residents will vote
  • Petition was sent to Commissioner Rosa who has 30 days to respond and set date for vote
  • The petition was validated on the 9th of December
  • Notices will need to be posted 10 days and 3 days prior to the vote
  • Absentee Ballots will be available once the date for the vote is set
  • Dr. Huber will provide guidance with advertising and voting

Building Administrator Report: Mrs. Hoyt was happy to share that 96 students Grades 6-12 were on the Honor Roll (62%). There were only 10 students on the Restriction list for failing. She shared a spreadsheet of the NYS test results from last year’s 3-8 graders which showed where students in each of those grades were proficient and where more work is still needed. It was also mentioned that the Regent scores were very good.  As for upcoming events there is a concert on Thursday night. In case of a snow day the concert will be moved to Tuesday night. The Holiday Luncheon is on December 20th and we have received many RSVP’s from family members and other special guests.

Special Education Director Report: Mrs. Goodlander is still in the getting to know you stage and is enjoying meeting and getting to know the staff and students. She has been doing IEP work with some of the teachers since she began. One the ½ day conference day she met with the Special Education Department. She will be working with the teachers and trying to make things more efficient and will be doing training with newer staff on what an IEP and how to do one. She will also be doing unannounced observations beginning in January. 


Superintendent’s  Report: Mrs. Carlin reported that Mrs. Hoyt has just finished with the first round of observations and that Mrs. Goodlander will be doing the unannounced observations and Mrs. Carlin will do the untenured staff or staff who ask to have another observation. Mrs. Carlin shared that Mrs. Chard and her art students have been working on a mural in the downstairs hallway and it is now completed. The staff is holding a Door decorating competition and Buddy the Elf is back this year to help spread cheer among the staff. We also have started our daily drawings for staff to pick from a bog of gift cards.  Mrs. Carlin has received inquiries about snow days. We have 6 Emergency (snow) days built in the calendar. The state wants each district to have a virtual learning plan on their district website in case staff and students can not be in the building. Mrs. Carlin also mentioned that at this time there is no plan to use virtual learning days in place of an emergency day. 

Board Committees:

  Building Committee: Tom Snyder reported that they are in the process of setting up a meeting   with the architect and the engineer.

  Finance Committee: Waiting on Final Audit report

  Negotiation Committee: They were able to successfully agree on a contract with SUT

  Policy Committee: Tom and Tim have been going through and working on policies.


                Cash page & Bank Reconciliations

                 Budget Status Report 

                Revenue Status Report


             General Fund Warrant  – 0025;0027;

           Cafeteria Warrant –  0026; 0028;  

MOTION: Cory Spooner; 2nd: Liz Reed; Vote 5-0


Business Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the following: 

Special Education program service recommendations from the Committee on Special Education

2022-2023 Statement of Unpaid School Tax Warrant 

MOTION: Liz Reed; 2nd: Serenity Beardslee; vote 5-0

Personnel Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the following: 

 Appoint Heather McAdams as School Social Worker at the 2019-2022 SUT contractual rate of  $57,108.00 (Masters Step 15) with a start date of December 21, 2022  This amount is prior to the new salary schedule being updated per approval of teachers contract 2022-2025.  

Appoint Emilia Knecht as substitute for the after school program at the SUT contractual rate of $40.00 an hour for the current school year.

Appoint Corinne Wheeler as Drama Stage Producer at the SUT contractual rate of $1082.00 which includes being the advisor of the Drama Club which is a student run club comprised of students involved in the Drama production.

Appoint Gregory Goodlander as Maintenance worker/cleaner at the annual salary of 39,000.00, which will be prorated from March 6, 2023 through June 30, 2022.

Approve the District Treasurer Contract for Stephanie Lincoln starting November 15th, 2022

Amend the appointment and position of Tracy O’Dell from Licensed Teaching Assistant to Teaching Assistant effective February 1, 2023 at the 22-23 prorated salary of $23,900.00 to begin February 1, 2023. Tracy will retain all years of service for the purpose of retirement and longevity benefit in the district, but can not use years of service as an LTA towards seniority as an TA.  Seniority as an TA will begin with 2/1/23.  

Appoint Tim Smith acting boys modified basketball coach as of 11/28/22, until such time Jennifer Green receives her certification.   

Appoint Brody Smith at the SUT contractual rate to the position of scorebook at $30.00 per game, shot clock at $30.00 per game and timer at $30.00 per game.

Appoint Daniel Coughlin to the position of Substitute Teacher at the non-certified rate of $110.00 per day and Substitute Teacher Aide at the contractual rate of 16.40 per hour. 

Appoint Michelle Shultis as a certified Speech Pathologist consultant at the rate of $40.00 an hour to provide speech services and evaluations on an as needed basis.   

Motion: Tim Walke; 2nd: Liz Reed; vote 5-0

Having no further business before the Board,  Tim Walke  made a motion to adjourn at 6:41 p.m. second by Liz Reed, vote 5-0.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Carney

District Clerk