January 10, 2023 Regular Board of Education Meeting



Minutes for Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Meeting

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

6:00 p.m.

Board President, Tom Snyder, called the Board of Education meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Members present: Tom Snyder, Tim Walke, Serenity Beardslee, Liz Reed, Cory Spooner

Also present: Ed Shultis ,Superintendent  Patti Hoyt, Principal   Jody Carney, District Clerk  Erin Goodlander, SPED director   Stephanie Lincoln, Treasurer   Pete Iorizzo, SBO   Rob Gates, IT Marie McCrea, Teacher/SUT co-president  Catie Huber, BOCES DS Lynn Chase, BOCES ex Director of BUS. and HR.

Community Members: Rob Huntington   Dale Putnam     Cheryl Jory   Tom Jory   Bill Fisher   Denise Spooner     Stacie Haynes      


Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the  December 13, 2022 Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education 

approve the December 27, 2022 Special Board of Education Meeting Minutes.

Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education  approve the December 29, 2022 Special Board of Education Meeting Minutes.

Motion: Liz Reed,  2nd: Tim Walke, Vote 5-0


Building Administrator Report: Mrs. Hoyt began her report by mentioning how fun December was for Schenevus. From the Door Decorating Contest, Chorus concert and having the Holiday Luncheon back with community members. She advised the board on the staff changes that will be happening over the next couple of weeks. Mr. Zaengle is coming out of retirement to help fill the vacancy being left  by Bianna Hawkins, Aimee Hill will be teaching the Chemistry course. Trish D’Imperio is leaving at the end of this month and to fill her vacancy will be her current student teacher, Carolynn Struble. Mrs. Hoyt will be finishing up her observations this week. She will also be participating in upcoming Zoom meetings to stay informed on topics in Education. She is pleased to say that we have had ELA and Math Specialists helping our students with strategies to help them be successful. 

Special Education Directors Report: Mrs. Goodlander informed the board that she will be starting unannounced observations. She is looking forward to going into the classrooms.  They are beginning to prepare for scheduling and talking about programming. She wants to make sure we are meeting students’ needs without giving more than what they need to be successful. Will be reaching out to teachers for input on the students. Also working with teachers on IEP/504’s and what the difference is between the two.

Superintendent: Mr. Shultis began stating he has gone full circle. He was a student teacher here in 1966 and now as an Interim Superintendent. He has found that the students seem happy and involved. Staff and Teachers work hard and are pro-active. There is a positive attitude in the Building. Mr. Shultis mentioned that the website has been updated so the community can view information about the upcoming vote. He will be attending weekly meetings with State Ed. to prepare for the vote and make sure everything is going as it should. Stephanie and Shana Ritton (SUT) worked on finalizing the salary tables. Mr. Shultis closed by saying that the next meeting should be his last, as he is hoping a new Interim Superintendent to be appointed at the next meeting. He would not have done this for any school other than Schenevus. 


    Cash page & Bank Reconciliations

    Budget Status Report 

  Revenue Status Report

Budget Transfers 



General Fund Warrant  – 0029, 0032

Cafeteria Warrant –  0030, 0033

Federal Warrant; 0031, 0034

Motion: Tim Walke, 2nd: Liz Reed, Vote 5-0


Business Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the following: 

  1. Special Education program service recommendations from the Committee on Special Education.



WHEREAS, the Schenevus Central School District requires additional Instructional Technology software and hardware beyond that which they currently own or is available to it and, WHEREAS, the Schenevus Central School District wishes to spread the cost of purchasing said equipment over several years with a multi-year installment purchase contract,

NOW THEREFORE, the Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES is hereby authorized to expend annually, on behalf of the Schenevus Central School District, funds to acquire the equipment as follows:

Equipment (All Prices are estimated based on current NYS Contract and cooperative bidding pricing)

Quantity             Description                                         Unit Cost             Total Cost

2                        Dell PowerEdge R450 Servers            $10,778.73        $ 21,557.46

Estimated Cost of Equipment                                                                          $ 21,557.46      

Estimated Interest 4.223% (Estimate based on a 3 Year Lease)                $1,055.61

Estimated Total Cost of Equipment                                                           $22,613.07 


Annual payments (estimated) will be made in the following amounts to ONC BOCES;

2022-2023 School Year = $ 7,537.69

2023-2024 School Year = $ 7,537.69

2024-2025 School Year = $ 7,537.69 

All payments are BOCES aidable currently at the rate of 68% aid.  

Estimated Total Payments (Including Interest) = $ 22,613.07

                          _____________________________________ ________

Motion:  Tim Walke, 2nd: Serenity; Vote 5-0

Personnel Items:

On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the following: 

  1. Approve Carrie Rice as a volunteer to assist the drama club with costumes for the play.
  2. Accept the Resignation of Brianna Hawkins as 7-12 Science Teacher effective  January 16, 2023.
  3. Appoint Carolynn Struble as a Long-term Substitute Teacher as ELA teacher at a pro-rated SUT contractual rate of $22,495.60 (B1) with a start date of January 30, 2023.
  4. Appoint Matthew Gregory, Theresa Mellor, and  Lisa Risse as election inspectors  for the February 15, 2023 Commissioner’s merger/annexation revote at the rate of $14.20 per hour.
  5. Approve Donald Zaengle as Long-term Substitute science teacher at a pro-rated SUT contractual rate of 45,728.00 with a start date of January 11, 2023 for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year.
  6. Approve Barbara Rock as Substitute LPN (19.15 per hour), uncertified Teacher ($110.00 per day) , Teacher Aide ($16.40 per hour) and LTA ($16.40 per hour) at the Contractual rates per CSEA or SUT.
  7. Accept the resignation of Marie McCrea as Mentor to Erika Ritton effective January 9, 2023.

Motion: Cory Spooner, 2nd: Serenity Beardslee, Vote 5-0


Community Member Stacie Haynes addressed the Board, but first stated the Holiday Luncheon was Awesome.  Mrs. Haynes stated that this Board ran on Transparency and Responsibility. While they are great things to stand for, she doesn’t feel the Board is Transparent enough.  She mentioned that they paid the last Superintendent out of their contract and are now paying for two Superintendent’s and that the Taxpayers should know. She also mentioned that she is aware that a FOIL request was made to address the Special Counsel and does not feel there has been any transparency as to why money is being spent on Special Counsel.

Tim Walke made a motion at 6:17 p.m. to move to executive session to discuss removal/dismissal of an employee and Superintendent search  2nd: Cory Spooner; vote: 5-0 . Catie Huber, BOCES DS ,was invited into executive session.

Motion made by Tim Walker to return to regular session at 8:17 p.m. 2nd: Liz Reed; Vote 5-0.

Having no further business before the Board,  Liz Reed made a motion to adjourn at 8:18 p.m.

 2nd: Serenity Beardslee; Vote 5-0

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Carney

District Clerk