Fall Student Enrichment Courses
For Grades 3-8 
Just Dance for grades 3-5 
A discovery Approach to Math & Science for grades 4-5
Cool Science Lab for grades 3-5
Namaslay Yoga for grades 6-8
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for grades 3-5 and 6-8
Acrapbookers and Arts and Crafts for grades 3-6
Babysitting Training for grades 3-7
Hands-on Lego Mindstorm Robotics for grades 5-8
Introduction to Drama for grades 3-5
Espanola Para Nino's for grades 3-5
Snacktivities for grades 3-6
Music for Me for grades 3-5
Draw, Paint, Create! for grades 3-5 
Literary Magazine for grades 5-8 
For Grades 9-12
Literary Magazine for grades 9-12
S.A.T. Prep Course for grades 10-12
Please see the follwoing documents for further information and registration forms.
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