Facility Use Form
The BOE adopted the use of the attached facilities request form.  This form contains directions as well as prices for the use of the building under certain circumstances.  We have been a little loose on these forms and the date they are submitted prior to the event.  This causes some issues with notification, etc.  So here are some things to remember when submitting a use form.  

1.  All Building Use Forms should be either handed to or emailed at least 10 days prior to the event to Theresa Mellor, with a CC to Nicki Couse.  Theresa will be the main contact, but in the event she is not in, Nicki will handle the request..  If you would rather print it and give it to Theresa or put in the folder that will be kept in the main office, that is fine also.

2.  All forms must accompany any documentation such as insurance certificates for outside organizations, or anything else required, for the request to be accepted.

3.  Any internal use of a room, facility, etc. needs to be requested on this form.

4.  All requests must be in to Theresa at least 10 days prior to the event or the form will be returned and you will not be able to request the facility for that date.

5.  Please do not submit use forms to any other supervisor.  
Facility Use Application - 2019  - also foud under Buildings and Grounds
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