Regular Meeting Minutes for March 7, 2023



Minutes for Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Meeting

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

6:00 p.m.

Board President, Tom Snyder called the Board of Education meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Members present: Tom Snyder, Tim Walke, Liz Reed, Serenity Beardslee, Cory Spooner

Also present: Jeff Bennett, Superintendent; Erin Goodlander, SPED Director; Patti Hoyt, Principal; Jody Carney, District Clerk; Marie McCrea, SUT co-pres. and teacher; Stephanie Lincoln, Treasurer; Dale Putnam, community member



  1. Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education    approve the February 7, 2023 Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes
  2. Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, Resolved that the Board of Education approve the February 15, 2023 Minutes of the merger/annexation revote meeting.
  3. Upon recommendation of the Superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the February 28, 2023 Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes. 

     Motion: Tim Walke; 2nd: Liz Reed; vote 5-0


    Building Administrator Report: 

    Mrs. Hoyt reported that the past month as been working with Jeff and teachers on scheduling. Guidance will shortly begin working with students and selecting electives. Elementary teachers are looking at a new reading curriculum for next year. Ms. Breese from BOCES has been supporting them in this effort. They will also be looking at the updated version of the math curriculum to see if it better suits students needs.  This week is career week and students will be working with guidance on their career plans. They have been playing Career Bingo as a way to learn about different careers. This Friday is the 5 week point of the third quarter. The Middle School cell phone ban is going well.  This Thursday (10th) is the Pops Concert for Middle and High School students.  March 17th is a staff development day. We will have a variety of workshops and training taking place: First Aid/CPR/AED, reading curriculum, math curriculum, technology roundtable and school level meetings. It is a full day of meetings and trainings.  March 31st is our next DragonFest and then it’s Spring Break.

    Special Education Directors Report: 

    Mrs. Goodlander began by explaining how to read the SPED report on each week’s agenda and what certain classifications mean on the report. SPED/RTI staff have been working on scheduling for next year and making sure that it works with each of their grade level meetings. For our students that attend Cobleskill, Mrs. Goodlander will be going there for student meetings. This will help her to get to know our students and the staff that works with them. She also discussed hiring a screener for PreK and Kindergarten and a K-12 universal screener to be able to access students and make sure they are getting placed correctly instead of relying on the teachers to make a decision based on previous school academic records. 

    Superintendent Report:

    Mr. Bennett reported that the new phone installation is up and running and all but 4 phones are functioning properly. The Master Schedule is 90% complete and by the end of March student electives should be completed. All staff have received a copy of the tentative schedule except for the aides, which are not built into the schedule yet.  March 21st will be the 2nd presentation on the budget and will focus on the expense portion. Mr. Bennett and Mr. Iorizzio will be holding meetings with attorneys and fiscal advisors about the roof costs. He will also be obtaining a 2nd opinion from another architect firm. Once we have a budget cost we will move forward with putting the vote out to the public. Mr. Bennett held a technology meeting with staff to see what needs updating and will be working on putting a 4 year plan in place. The idea is to have each student keep the same chromebook for 4 years. Mr. Bennett also scheduled an end of the year calendar meeting and hopes to have it out to the staff and public by the end of April. Interviews for teaching vacancies will begin the week of March 20th. Mrs. Hoyt will be forming a committee of teachers. The teachers will make their recommendations to Mr. Bennett who will then make his recommendation to the board for approval. 

    Finance Committee: Have worked on expenses which will be discussed at the March 21st BOE meeting.


    Budget Status Report

    Revenue Status Report


              General Fund Warrant  – 0046; 0048

              Cafeteria Warrant  – 0047; 0049

    Motion: Liz Reed; 2nd: Cory Spooner; vote: 5-0


    Business Items:

    On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the following: 

    1. Special Education program service recommendations from the Committee on Special Education.
    2. Approve the 2023-2024 School Calendar
    3. Approve the Mackenzie Renae Straight Memorial Award, to be awarded at graduation to a graduating senior,  in remembrance of Mackenzie. 

    WHEREAS, in recent years the use and abuse of e-cigarettes and vaping devices 

    increased dramatically among high school and middle school students, leading to significant risks of addiction and potentially life-threatening respiratory ailments; and 

    WHEREAS, students attending the Schenevus Central School District (the “School 

    District”) have not been immune to this phenomenon with the School District observing students using e-cigarettes and vaping devices in school and on school grounds; and 

    WHEREAS, the use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices by students has caused the 

    School District to incur costs in the form of staff time, disciplinary proceedings, and other costs, with the expectation that these costs will only increase unless and until student use of these devices decreases and stops; and 

    WHEREAS, the School District authorized the law firms of Ferrara Fiorenza PC, and the 

    Frantz Law Group, APLC, to initiate litigation against Juul Labs, Inc. and other parties by board resolution relating to the production, marketing, sale, and distribution of e-cigarettes and vaping devices; and 

    WHEREAS, the litigation involved more than 1400 U.S. public school districts across 

    more than 25 states;and 

    WHEREAS, a tentative settlement has been reached with Defendant Juul Labs, Inc. and 

    certain individual board members, directors, executives and parties with whom Juul Labs, Inc. has indemnity agreements; and 

    WHEREAS, litigation against Altria and remaining defendants will continue; and 

    WHEREAS, partial settlement means the School District would forever release all 

    claims against Juul Labs and the other released entities; and 

    WHEREAS, in return, the School District would receive certain cash payments; and 

    WHEREAS, the amount that the School District receives will be based on a final allocation framework recommended by the court-appointed Special Master Thomas Perrelli with the allocation framework for all governmental entities including factors such as population and litigation risk and be no less than $8,325 for the School District; and 

    WHEREAS, an initial payment of approximately 54% of the settlement amount is anticipated to be paid by late 2023; and 

    WHEREAS, the remaining payments will be made in four installments anticipated in late 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026; and 

    WHEREAS, the Board of Education (the “Board”) has determined it is necessary, advantageous, desirable, and in the public interest and the best interests of the School District that it settle this litigation against Juul Labs, Inc. and continue the litigation against remaining other parties involved with e-cigarettes and vaping devices. 

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Education of the School District, as follows: 

    1. The Board authorizes the partial settlement of the vaping lawsuit against defendant Juul Labs, Inc. and certain individual board members, directors, executives and parties with whom Juul Labs, Inc. has indemnity agreements.
    1. A Settlement with the substantive terms contained herein is hereby approved in substantially the form reviewed by the Board and together with such minor modifications as are deemed necessary by the School District’s attorneys and administrators to protect the best interests of the School District.
    1. The Board President, Superintendent and their designee(s) are hereby authorized to finalize, sign and enter into the Settlement Agreement on behalf of the School District and take all actions and execute all documents necessary or appropriate to carry out the intent of this Resolution.
    1. This Resolution shall take effect immediately. 

    Dated :3/7/2023       District Clerk:JLC

    Motion: Tim Walke; 2nd: Liz Reed; vote: 5-0 

    Personnel Items:

    On the recommendation of the superintendent, RESOLVED that the Board of Education approve the following:

    1. Approve Erika Ritton as a Volunteer Track Coach for the 2023 season.
    2. Approve Chrissy Bridger  as Modified Baseball Coach pending certification clearance at the SUT contractual rate $1,500.00.
    3. Accept the resignation of Ethan Kehoe as Bus Driver/Cleaner effective March 6, 2023.

    Motion: Cory Spooner; 2nd: Serenity Beardslee; vote: 5-0

    Tim Walke made a motion  to move into  Executive Session to discuss a specific personnel. Mr. Bennett invited Pete Iorizzo into the executive session via zoom.  2nd: Serenity Beardslee; vote 5-0  (6:18pm)

    Liz Reed made a motion to return to regular session at 7:14, 2nd by Cory Spooner. Vote 5-0

     Having no further business before the Board, Cory Spooner made a motion to adjourn at 7:14   p.m. 2nd by Serenity Beardslee  ; Vote 5-0