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Special Education 101 Special Education 101— for Parents and Guardians

Special Education 101— for Parents and Guardians May 2, 2019 from 6:30—7:30 

Please click the link above for more information  

Reminder April 23rd Board of Education Meeting is Canceled
Just a reminder that the April 23rd Board of Education Meeting is canceled, and our next Meeting will be on Tuesday, May 14. There will be budget presentations held on May 7th in Schenevus, located in the draper room and on May 9th in Westford, located at the Fire House.  
Budget Approved 2019-2020 School Budget
During the April 9th Board of Education Meeting the 2019-2020 Budget was adopted. Quick summary of 4.87%  2019-2020 Budget Complete 2019-2020 Budget.  Quick summary of 4.87%  2019-2020 Budget   Complete 2019-2020 School Budget  
BOE Meeting Handouts
Click above link to view the 19-20 budget workshop presentation and draft 19-20 budget proposed to the Board of Education on March 26.  
Chinese Auction Poster Class of 2020 Chinese Auction
 To help by donating please click the above link for contact information.  
Budget Advisory Committee Powerpoint Cover Page 3.6.19 Budget Committee Advisory Meeting
Here is the power point presentation from the March 6th Budget Committee Advisory Meeting. 
Close up image of calculator buttons Budget FAQ Created
Got budget questions? We've got answers 
Pie in the face Random Acts of Kindness Pep Rally Celebration
Singing by the Music Department.
Tug of war, grades 4 vs. 6 and 9 vs. 10
Pie in the face trivia, Seniors vs. Staff
John Gustafson discusses ariel mapping with student Drone Discovery Day
Drone discovery day was a huge success! To see more informaiton Please click the above link.   
Sticky notes on a wall Random Act of Kindness Activity Results
 PK-12 was involved in a random act of kindness activity. Click HERE to go to our facbook page to view photos of the results.   
1st Grade Class Act of Kindness
The first graders brought in items for a care package and wrote valentine's to send to our deployed military through Operation Gratitude. 
Budget under a magnifying glass Budget Updates
As we are looking at every aspect of the budget for the 2019-2020 school year please visit our BUDGET page, listed under the Board of Education for updates and information along the way.   
Budget Advisory Committee 2019-2020 Budget Committee Member List
I am happy to announce that the Board of Education has selected all the members to serve on the 19-20 Budget Committee. The Committee will be meeting on Wednesday, February 6th at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to attend and listen. There will not be a public comment opportunity at this meeting. Click the above link to see who was selected.   
Comptroller's Fiscal Stress Report Cover Fiscal Stress in School Districts
If you are interested in reading the Comptrollers report on Fiscal Stress in School Districts please click HERE. If you have further questions please contact the district office to discuss or make an appointment with the Superintendent.     
COACHING Coaching Courses
Here is information & registration information for 3 courses for coaches... CPR/AED, First Aid for New Coaches (full course or 3 year re-certification), & the Philosophy, Principles  & Organization of Athletics in Education course.
Click on the above link for further information.
People meeting at a round table District Budget Advisory Committee
During the 1/15/2019 Board of Education Meeting, the board passed a motion to create a Budget Advisory Committee composed of 12 people. Click the above link for more detail.  
Revised 2018-2019 School District Calendar Revised 2018-2019 School Calendar
Please be advised - Field Days for grades K-6 has been changed  to June 24th   During the 12/18/2018 Board of Education Meeting the Board Adopted a revised 2018-2019 School Calendar.  
Budget Community Letter
We wanted to take some time to share with you our current budget situation and hopefully put an end to some speculation about reasons for our financial situation.  Please feel free to contact me after reading this, with any questions.     Click Link for further information.    
COACH Coaching Courses
Please spread the word that one of the three coaching courses will begin in January @ Charlotte Valley C.S..  Please spread the word if you know of anyone interested. Click link for more inforamtion.  
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