About Us

Mission Statement

With our children as our focus, and with accountability and honesty as our guiding principles, Schenevus Central School will provide a caring, stable, secure and academically challenging environment; one that motivates each student to discover, practice and master the skills to pursue a productive lifetime of work and learning within our community, and the world.

District Description

The Schenevus Central School District traces its roots back to 1800 when the first log cabin schoolhouse was built in the area. The area boasts a rich educational history, including being the birthplace of Andrew S. Draper, who was New York’s first Commissioner of Education in 1904. The district was called the Andrew S. Draper Central School District from 1938 to 1993.

The district educates around 275 students in grades K-12. We provide our students with a rich learning experience steeped in the area’s history, while also providing a variety of extracurricular and athletic opportunities to help all our students succeed.

Schenevus CSD is located in beautiful Otsego County, New York, encompassing the towns of Maryland and Westford.

Parent-teacher Organization

The Schenevus Dragons Parent-Teacher Organization is a group of parents, teachers and staff who have come together to encourage and facilitate parental participation in the school.

For more information about the Schenevus PTO, visit the Schenevus PTO Facebook page.

Volunteer Information

The purpose of the volunteer program will be as follows:

  • Supplement the work of classroom teachers working directly with students in a curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular capacity, upon their request, under their supervision, and with the approval of the school administration.

  • Provide individual attention for students and or athletes through tutoring, coaching, and/or small group projects under the direction of the school staff.

  • Provide enrichment experiences to supplement the educational program.

  • Provide assistance for the school staff in non-academic areas where student contact may or may not exist.

  • Meet special school needs.

  • Promote better school-community relations by enhancing community understanding.

  • Develop improved public relations for local, state, and national educational endeavors.

Individuals who are interested in volunteering in the school district are invited to contact either the Building Principal’s office or the Superintendent’s office for questions regarding the volunteer program, and who would help you to become a volunteer.

Review the Schenevus CSD Volunteer Agreement & Application


Jeffrey Bennett, Superintendent
Phone: 607-638-5530

Erin Goodlander, Principal
Phone: 607-638-5881