Buildings and Grounds / Transportation

Head of Building and Grounds / Transportation

Name: Tom Hunt

Phone: 1-607-638-5881

The Buildings and Grounds Department at Schenevus Central School oversees the safe operation and maintenance of the historic school building’s systems. Building and Grounds staff work behind the scenes to ensure our students have a safe and comfortable environment in which to learn. These staff ensure they are informed about the latest rules, regulations and best practices in their fields.

The district recently marked the 75th anniversary of the construction of the main school building. Schenevus has an excellent tradition of well-maintained facilities and forward-thinking building projects, including a $6.7 million project that aims to increase the building’s efficiency, safety and security.

Food Services / Cafeteria


Name: Brenda Carvin

Phone: 1-607-638-5881

Our cafeteria staff strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where students can relax and enjoy delicious, wholesome food.

Free/reduced meal applications may be submitted at any point during the school year. If you think you may qualify, we urge you to submit an application.

Income Eligibility Form

An expanded menu with dishes rotating on a six-week cycle aims to increase student participation as well as encourage students to experience new foods and flavors that may have previously been unfamiliar to them. The cafeteria offers fresh, nutritious steamed vegetables and a daily salad bar as well as multiple fresh and canned fruit options.

Current Breakfast Menu

Current Lunch Menu